Carolyn A.. Ross, DCC, Registered Psychotherapist, CRPO


Meet Me At His Feet — Carolyn A. Ross

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"When children feel heard and their contributions are valued, they're generally more cooperative."

— Alyson Schafer

Kindly be advised that when Carolyn communicates through email, the recipient is consenting to the exchange of personal information. Please refrain from sending information to and through shared accounts if others have access to your (the recipient) e-mail account(s). It is wise to create and reset passwords regularly for the security of information. Carolyn will transmit limited information through email. All invoices, homework, discussions will be transmitted in an encrypted document.

The address of Meet Me At His Feet — Carolyn A. Ross is 1250 St. Martins Drive, Unit 14, Pickering, Ontario (first street west of Liverpool Road, off Bayly Street (Sanfrancisco on the Bay community). Carolyn’s office is on the street level of the building — the commercial office between Bayly Variety and 4U Salon & Spa.

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Note: There are two floors to the office; Carolyn rents the ground floor to another therapist therefore, there is no waiting room should you arrive early. If Carolyn is in the office upon your arrival, please enter, ensuring no disruption. Go up the stairs to Carolyn’s office on the second floor.

Carolyn A. Ross, DCC, Registered Psychotherapist, CRPO

 Psychological Therapy addresses personal difficulties allowing an individual, family, or couple to talk openly and about their concerns and feelings with a trained professional.

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